Using Syncthing Logo

I’m writing a desktop app that lets you connect to another computer running Syncthing to view and download files, and I wanted to know if I can make use of the Syncthing logo in my app’s logo/icon. Currently I’m thinking of a half-green half-blue logo, or the Syncthing logo but turned into a folder. Something close enough to know that its a tool specifically meant for Syncthing, but far enough to not get confusing.

I’m asking this both legally, and in the “would you not appreciate it” sort of sense.

Also, as a side note, would anyone be interested in this type of app?

App details for those interested.

The way I use Syncthing is that I have it running on my desktop, laptop, phone, and home server, with folders shared however necessary, but EVERY folder on any device is shared with my server. Then when I inevitably break or delete something, I find myself going back to my server to download a backup.

The app I’m working on shows all my syncthing folders, along with the files both on my machine and the remote machine, and lets me download or restore files without needing to resort to something like scp.


Legally, the logo is covered by the same license as the source code. In practice, I think it’s fine to use it for any open source Syncthing integration or extension. I’m not particularly fond of logo “remixes” like recolouring it in divergent ways; if you want to use the logo, use it as is or in grayscale, imho.

If you’re doing a commercial application I ask that you not use our logo or branding at all and just do your own thing.