Using Syncthing 1.4.2 docker container. Syncing doesn't start. Sometimes, starts randomly. Why?

Hi. I run Unraid. I have Syncthing docker container. I have a remote Unraid machine, also running Syncthing, same version. Sometimes, it syncs as soon as I place files on the folder, sometimes, it just don’t start. How can I troubleshoot this? Where do I look?

Start with logs. Run with -verbose and capture your different scenarios, see what differs.

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Hello @calmh, I’m not familiar on how to do it in docker app gui though.

In the meantime, this is in my logs:

2020-06-27 22:13:30 Connection to TNEEXO3-UVFLRLY-7WI4ZPL-WJOCGT6-ZI4MFGR-IRDIDO6-XQLPCOP-Y63Exxx at closed: Syncthing is being stopped 2020-06-27 22:13:40 Established secure connection to TNEEXO3-UVFLRLY-7WI4ZPL-WJOCGT6-ZI4MFGR-IRDIDO6-XQLPCOP-Y63Exxx at 2020-06-27 22:13:40 Device TNEEXO3-UVFLRLY-7WI4ZPL-WJOCGT6-ZI4MFGR-IRDIDO6-XQLPCOP-Y63Exxx client is “syncthing v1.4.2” named “8a63db442xxx” at 2020-06-27 22:46:39 Device TNEEXO3-UVFLRLY-7WI4ZPL-WJOCGT6-ZI4MFGR-IRDIDO6-XQLPCOP-Y63Exxx send rate limit is 7000 KiB/s, receive rate is unlimited

Nothing seems to show any error, or waiting for anything.

Indeed, looks fine.

It’s currently working again :D. I won’t be changing any shared folders for now. I’ll see if things sync automatically.

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