Using synching to synchronize database files resulted in conflicting files

Dear author, hello. When I used Syncthing to synchronize database files between two hosts, although the backup machine’s database was closed, conflicting files were still generated during the synchronization process. Can you please inform me of the reasons for these conflicting files or the solution for using Syncing to synchronize database files? Looking forward to your reply. Thank you very much

Conflicts occur when a file is changed concurrently in two places. Syncing database files in generally not recommended.

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Thank you for your reply amidst your busy schedule. However, the actual situation is that the standby database has not been started and no changes have been made to the database files. When the database files of the host are synchronized, conflicts have also occurred. I am very sorry and look forward to your further reply :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Yeah, I don’t really have any more info. These are your systems so you will need to figure out why you get sync conflicts. You can inspect out of sync files with syncthing cli debug file ... so see what data or metadata differs, and compare the synced version with the sync conflict copy.

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