Using 'sendonly' and 'receiveonly' folders in a file distribuiting system

I use Syncthing to share a folder from a central master server to several other servers. There should be no changes on the receiving servers and if there are any they should not be shared to other devices.

Currently the system is setup with the master server set as ‘sendonly’ and the receivers as ‘sendreveice’. I was wondering if I cut gain any performance advantage by switching to ‘receiveonly’ folders in the upcoming release.

There is no performance difference at the moment.

ok thanks. Then I will just keep it in the current configuration.

Do you link the sendreceive devices? In that case changes are replicated between those, which is presumably not desired. Making those receive-only would prevent that. Meaning this wouldn’t be a performance benefit, but a little more data safety. And if you do not connect those devices, doing so could be a performance gain.

They are interconnected. Currently not fully, but at least partially.

Since the folders are only contacted by scripts, there should not be any changes on the receiving folders, but it is never a bad idea to ensure it. It would be great if it also helps with minor Out of Sync issues.

I already asked about the optimal network architecture in this topic.

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