Using Linux Arm version with chroot Debian on Android


I have been having bunch of problems with ST on Android. Then I have started using straight as root which solved a lot of the issues on both my my devices however one of the devices is having occasional process freezes which I cant pinpoint the real issue so far. Using it as a root was great step forward for stability for me but not enough.

So I decided to install Debian on my Android using chroot process. I am not replacing Android just using Debian Arm on it. You can simplfy the process by using Basically install the apk and the Debian image provided. if your device is good to go , it will work and you will get an actual working Debian chroot which has all the Linuxness you can enjoy.

I did all that. Then I went ahead and downloaded ST Linux arm. Now Linux arm is working on Debian chroot on my android. It is all legit for now. I will try to report any issues from now on if I seem to get.

So far it seems to be stable and I am getting and sending files. It seems less snappy (ie figuring out changed files response time) but not too bad. I also copied my keys, configs to chroot home. That works too