Using app from couple of days ... issues almost daily, not so happy

Ok I start using this app as not being pleasant on USB MTP picture copy on my Linux machine (probably not supported anymore as people rarely use it)

And I found this app, very happy about it, but realize is far from being good enough.

  • First this app do automatic synchronization witch somehow I do not like, as I do not have any fucking control about what is this app doing. So I consider this app and app for dumb people. I use the app for lacking alternatives as I know.
  • On my first setting this app deleted some of my pictures because of miss configuration (only send folder content), no warning or nothing, they just disappear, witch is really shit…
  • on other day it says an error related to missing .stfolder, no fucking option to fix it (the aplication recommend me to search the internet for a solution to fix it… Are you kidding me? I have never geared of applications for dumb people to recommend to search internet for solution, in the end fixe it by refrashing the entire database not just the folder one witch is another dumb thing… -on another day the same previous error appear, so I have to search again for a solution on internet looking like the previous fix was temporarly After the last two issue I realize the developers of this app are really dumb not implementing a simple fix like creating the folder with a file in it so Androit os will not delete it. -on another day another error - out of sync - it says that some files that need copy are missing witch is not, I even check permissions on them on Linux, no different from other ones - it looks like neither this eror has a fix, … probably I have to refresh again database…

I think I have to dump this application … are there alternatives? Are there any manual synchronization tool for Android like is Unison File Synchronizer on Windows/Linux

It look like the last error is fixed by itself after couple of minutes, even trying before to fix it…

but remain to my “I think I have to dump this application … are there alternatives? Are there any manual synchronization tool for Android like is Unison File Synchronizer on Windows/Linux”

Just a comment, but are you actually looking for help, or is this just a rant? :wink:

Syncthing’s job is to do two-way and fully automatic synchronisation. If you want to copy files manually or on demand, then yes, it really isn’t the right tool for the job.

I haven’t tested this myself, but Unison binaries for Linux ARM should probably run fine on Android. Termux seems to have Unison in their repositories too.

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Are you sure? It says to me unable to locate package unison


Is not my post in the category “user stories”? or is in “Support” category.

It look like the unison package request issue is still open… personaly I do not think unison can be ported now to android… I am not a programmer so I might think wrong.

Do we have alternative?

try rsync?

Thanks for tip but rsync is used for automatic backup not for sync files.

You can’t check with it witch file on witch replica is changed or new in folders… Is same thing like doing a manual copy of file in a direction or another, over ssh or rsh…the tool is doing this only saving internet connection bandwidth by transferring only the part of file that is changed.

Please refrain from the foul language; thanks.

Maybe I am too dumb but I really do not understand what you mean? Or you talk about my initial post? And I messed it because “user stories” should be about marvelous PR staffs, not about any user reality.

In the end I do not say the app is bad, is quite good, but not quite perfect. First days are a little bit not so perfect but after passing and fixing some staffs get quite ok… I will see later if this app is stable enough for further usage. And when an app like Unison will be available, I will move away from the app…as I do not have any control of what is it doing…(it looks in Logs that it replace some files witch it shouldn’t as being identical, not mention deleting files on both replicas without confirmation witch is really absolute bad and unacceptable)

The reply was:

Yes, among others.

Not foul:

… but an example of the importance of trying out and learning a new tool in a controlled environment. If you really think Syncthing did something wrong, please describe in detail what happened. Preferably with a repeatable sequence, of course.

I understand this as a complaint about Syncthing doing file synchronisation :slightly_smiling_face:. I kind of understand where this is coming from though, because services like Dropbox do ask the user to confirm the very first deletion of their files, and only then proceed. The warning itself can be disabled in settings.

Syncthing doesn’t use such precautions, but at the same time, it cannot really control local deletions, which makes it different from file synchronisation tools that always keep all files on their servers and can then use those copies to restore even local deletions.

On the other hand, enabling versioning solves this specific problem quite well, doesn’t it? That is as long as the folder in question is shared between at least two devices and kept fully up-to-date on both of them.

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First - I have not used Dropbox so I do not compare with it, I compare with Unison (witch is a manual configured synchronization on demand) Second - I have not used versioning, neither interested in testing such a thing, I only need one version of the file, the latest, I am not a developer to keep track of changes…

Ok Mr. Martin let explain thing how I see. on Earth are two kind of people… “straight” people and “polite” people, both of this type of people use different vocabulary, if you do not like the words is your problem…

If I say an app is for dump people, I mean it seriously, that app I consider is for dumb people. Even If I use the app or someone else use that app does not men implicitly he is dumb. It just simple means that if you don’t have control of what the app is doing is by means designed for dumb people, because simple dumb people just use “default”, even the app has par example controls… dumb people will not use them and avoid complex apps.

I do not explicit the others… we are not here on literature and words philosophy class.

I think all this issues wore known, otherwise I was not able to fix them based on “internet guides”, so I do not have to explain in detail anything… this is just a “user story” about using an app for the first time.

And sorry what are you talking about “controlled environment” I should setup a lab at home for using this app…and regarding my deleted pictures… oo is my fault, the app deleted but I configured wrong because I was dumb, using an app for dumb people, because as I said I have no control what the app is doing…

Sorry maybe you should give a 10 to the app, I consider it somewhere to 6 because of this simple dumb issues, never seen on any other app… with simple fixes this app can reach quick close to 10, and I do not understand why not implemented, because probably no developer install it and test first encounter user issues.

Thats all…

Dropbox was just an example to show that other file synchronisation tools may use more sophisticated mechanisms to prevent accidental file deletions. Syncthing hasn’t got those, or at least not enabled by default, which is also one of the reasons why having proper backups in the first place is always recommended.

Versioning is more alike the Recycle Bin in Windows (with additional features) than what you wrote above. All the details are explained in the Docs, but again, if you’re trying to force Syncthing to work on demand and perform some kind of a one-way copy instead of providing continuous two-way synchronisation (which includes both file modifications and deletions), this really isn’t the right tool for the job. It’s like trying to tighten a screw using scissors. You may be able to do it eventually, but the whole thing won’t be quick and easy, and the scissors may break in the process too :wink:.

Yes tomasz86, thank you for giving me insights on versioning.

I have a setup where everything is “backed” up 4 times, but all for synchronization are checked manually with unison, I don’t want to propagate a deleted file or something else automatically to everything

Until now everything was backed up from phone manually, just have issues with picture over MTP in my Linux setup, so I search for alternatives. I discover sshd on android and Syncthing, witch somehow I like because of some automatic sync, I prefer a manual sinc but no option now and I explain:

  • everything is backed up on ZFS file system, I do not want identical files to be overwritten, file corruption can occur
  • everything is saved on SD, on overwrite, SD files can get corrupted and even reduce SD life
  • and after all this uncontrolled Syncthing propagation if we get something corrupted or even deleted will propagate maybe before I run manual sync to the other 3 drives

I will see your suggestion with versioning… I will se regarding manual propagation to other drives if it will not make a file mess…

Let me understand clearly, every time I connect the phone and start Syncthing I ask myself?

I will have all files after running it or something will be deleted like new files on phone that was not propagated to a PC…

Every time I Run app with fear that maybe some new picture on my phone will be deleted, or maybe some files after I reorganize folders…

So I really don’t like this lack of control of what the app is doing with my files … is like trusting my new neighbor to keep my money.

This make me sync daily using unison to at least another drive

If you really want to stick to manual sync only, the easiest way to do it is to keep the folders paused, and then only unpause them when you want to perform the synchronisation. If you want to prevent any deletions from being synced to the phone, you should probably keep your folders set to “Send Only” there.

afraid to not happen on server not on phone

Not good I want to reorder, rename files, move files from Phone Download folder in specific folders after renaming, frequent reorganization… and all is more easy to do on PC. This apply even to picture with work specifics moved from picture folder to specific folders along other documents

If you want to organise the files in the folder both on the server and the phone, then you obviously do need to use the default folder type of “Send & Receive”. As mentioned previously, this will make the two folder copies identical, meaning that new files, modifications, and deletions will all be synced in both ways, and in real time. If you don’t like the real-time aspect of Syncthing, then the tip about pausing and unpausing folders on demand still applies.

I’d also suggest to use the Web GUI on Android (available through the left slide-out menu) if you want to have more control and access to all settings, because the app’s native interface is quite limited.

I know, the app have a lot of settings regarding connection, interface, folder sharing and statistics, but no control on files and folders and synchronization except that setting “send and receive” or just “send” or “receive” rest just some limited logs of what has done