Using a WebDav url as discover server

This idea came to me today.

Here is the concept:

  • we give Syncthing a WebDav ini file path with valid username and password
  • whenever the network changes, Syncthing read the WebDav ini file and update it’s own newest network info into the remote file

If the user’s multiple device all bind the same remote ini file, they can all update and get the newest network info of all devices.

Then, they can try to p2p direct connect.

So the webdav is used as a Discovery server.

If, out of regional reasons, the user can’t connect to global Discovery server, they won’t need to buy and set a Discovery server by themself, a WebDav cloud disk would be enough for ipv6 direct sync.

Is that applicable to Syncthing?

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Well, you can accomplish the same today by installing a discovery server and pointing your Syncthing instances toward it.

Yes, I am usibg my own Discover and rely server now. It’s just I don’t wanna pay the server any more. :sweat_smile:

It should be possible to write a discovery server in php which can be hosted on cheap webspace, but I guess there is not much interest in this so you would have to do this yourself :wink:

You can run it on any machine anywhere, including one that also runs Syncthing…