use system trash can

I currently have syncthing configured to use ‘trashcan versioning’ for multiple share and configured the target folder for all shares to be my system trash, i.e. ‘~/.local/share/Trash/files’ in my case under gnome on linux. This seems to meet my needs (i can easily see if something has been trashed in the file browser and also have an easy way to check everything that has been trashed), however, the solution somehow seems kind of hacky and i wonder if something could go wrong this way. Could syncthing e.g. remove non-syncthing files from the trash via auto removal, if it is activated?

Yes, that can happen for sure. Versions cleanup won’t discriminate between files put inside the versions folder by itself or through any other means. The proper way would be to use external versioning with a custom script/command. You can check the Docs for sample scripts on how to do this at

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thx! using the trash-cli utility and provided documentation i could implement the desired behavior.

note for completeness: ~/.local/share/Trash/files would have been the wrong path anyway; syncthing then just creates a ~/… as subfolder for some reason.