Use syncthing data directory to securely store data

If media files are synced, they are shown in preview in messaging and social media apps. Meaning, these apps have access to media synced.

I want a secure directory to sync my media files so that other apps cannot access it.

There are two options I thought about:

  1. Integrate with other FOSS secure folder apps: gh issue
  2. Use syncthing own data directory: AFAIK, Android protects every apps data directory and isolate them. This way messaging apps cannot access files saved in syncthing

I’m aware of “Untrusted Device” encryption feature in syncthing. But this feature doesn’t enable me of browsing these media on phone.

Note that in solution2, I think syncthing must have it’s own browser to view these media. i.e: it won’t be accessed by another gallery or file explorer apps.

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