Use syncthing as an updater


Quick question. I’m wondering if I could use syncthing as a way to distrubute my application. It will include multiple folders and binary files up to a few hundred MB that I’d like to update and make it so syncthing takes care of the rest and updates all the clients using my application.

I understand that syncthing is more of a dropbox p2p system where anyone can share information with each other. But would it be possible to enable that just one user is able to change/share information and the rest is only allowed to download? The whole p2p part would still make sense for bandwith as it would not be a centralized update service.

Would love to hear your thoughts. If this project isn’t supposed for usecases like the one I descibed I’d love it if you could refer another project you might know of that could do something like this.


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No, you can’t enforce others not being able to make modifications.

Look at:

Thanks for your response. Looked into murder and found a fork of it called herd which was more to my liking.

Thanks again.