Use raspberry pi as a file buffer for unsynced files

I have tried to look if this was already posted, but so far my search has been unsuccessful. I mainly use Syncthing to sync my work laptop (which I use during the morning) and my home computer (which I obviously prefer using when I’m at home). The problem is that they’re usually not both turned on at the same time, so whenever I got home I had to go out of my way to turn on the laptop, wait for everything to sync, and only then was I able to use my PC. This is very annoying, so I figured I could use my Raspberry Pi as a buffer for only the files that have changed. Once both the laptop and PC have the same files, they should be erased from the Pi. However, I haven’t yet found a way to make this happen using Syncthing, so I was wondering if it’s possible or not. I know I could buy some storage for the Pi, but I’d rather not have to buy it unless it’s completely necessary.

Thanks in advance.

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It’s not possible.

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