Use multiple interfaces to improve bandwidth

Hi guys,

I love this project! It’s amazing and really helps out a lot. I’ve added 3 more interfaces to other broadcast domains to sync folders with machines in other vlan’s. Syncthing GUI shows me it’s listening to all 4 addresses.

"Syncthing is listening on the following network addresses for connection attempts from other devices:

  • tcp://
  • tcp://
  • tcp://
  • tcp://"

The bottom one is in my management network and is also used for remote control etc. The other 3 are in 1 and the same broadcast subnet.

Clients can connect and sync, but it only uses 1gbit/s in total shared over all the clients. I’ve added multiple interfaces to it should be able to go 3x 1gbit.

Anyone has an idea on how can to achieve this?

Outgoing traffic will follow your routing table regardless of where Syncthing is listening. Perhaps you can make some tweaks there. Usually I’d recommend L2 trunking like LACP instead, it’s simpler to reason about. Even then, any given connection will be limited to the speed of one physical interface, but if you have many clients and many connections they’ll be spread over the various physical links.

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Hi Jakob,

Thanks for your response! I could’ve expected this indeed…

I’ve created an aggregated virtual interface on the mac now with the 3 interfaces for now and enabled LACP on the correct subnet, removed the other 2 IP’s as listener as it’s now only 1. Will also set a default group for the destination range to follow the aggregated interface.


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