"Use HTTPS for GUI" doesn't work for me

Syncthing is great but there is one thing I cannot get to work: It’s the “Use HTTPS for GUI” option. When I check this box (or manually change it in the config file), I can’t connect via https://IP:8384. I then have to manually change it back in the config file to be able to connect to http://IP:8384

I am running Syncthing on a Raspberry Pi with Buster.

I saw this post (How does the https gui options works?) but I am not sure how to make my browser trust the certificate.

We can’t guide you in this, especially as you don’t mention what browser or operating system you’re using. I suggest googling for help on the browser in question.

Ah, fair point… I would be happy it worked in Chrome in macOS Catalina.

I found this “chrome://flags/#allow-insecure-localhost” but it only works on local host. How do you guys do it?

There are two thing there. The first is that if you’ve had this Syncthing installation for a while the certificates are in fact incompatible with Chrome on Catalina. Delete the https-cert.pem and http-key.pem in ~/.config/syncthing (on the Pi) and restart Syncthing.

Then, or if this is a modern setup to begin with, click Advanced then Continue to your-IP (Unsafe) then enter your admin password, when Chrome presents the “Connection isn’t private” dialog.

Or use Safari where the same thing should work, with different wording of the dialogs, without clearing the certificates.

Thanks, Jakob, I’ll give that a try. It is indeed a fresh install from yesterday on all devices.

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