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I’ve just started playing with syncthing under Linux. I was using the dev code imported/cloned directly from git. Current version is:

v0.14.52-rc.3+13-g75f9ea62, Linux (32 bit)

When changing usage reporting to disabled, the ~/.config/syncthing/config.xml file gets changed:


However, on restart, this value is always reset to 3.

Is this a bug or a feature? It doesn’t seem to be the case on a release version of syncthing, where the value sticks.

Also, are the fields that are reported back to base documented anywhere?

Sorry, I know this whole reporting thing may be seen as a contentious issue.

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you are using a RC version, which means usage reporting is always enabled

you can get a preview by going to “settings” - “general”


Thanks for the quick response!

Would it be unreasonable to ask that this inability to disable usage status might be noted in the config screen:

You are using a developer version, anonymous reporting is mandatory.

A big plus for syncthing is privacy. The subjective feeling of privacy might be just as important to a user base, as more objective considerations.

I guess one would have to hack code to disable usage reporting, on RC stuff. Perhaps that might be seen as an antisocial thing to do from the devs standpoint.

My question re what fields are reported was badly framed. I meant are fields like this:

“deviceUses”: “customCertName”: 0 “guiStats”: “insecureAdminAccess”: 0,

documented in a place where I can easily see what the significance of such a field might be?

Once again, apologies for rocking any boats.


That’s in place of the dropdown that would otherwise be in the same spot.

Hi Jacob,

That’s brilliant, thank you!


Ah! Sorry, I misunderstood.

I’ve just seen that that feature should already be there; it’s in syncthing/cmd/syncthing/main.go. But it doesn’t show up on the screen for the version I compiled today: v0.14.52-rc.3+13-g75f9ea62.

The tree is clean (no hacks).

I just get the standard screen with the pull down.

Your version is not tagged, regardless the fact that it’s clean.