URL to open Sync folder from GUI

I would like to ask whether it’s possible to change in index.html the line 200

<td class="text-right">{{folder.path}}< /td>

to e.g. (I’m not used to Javascript templates)

<td class="text-right">{{folder.path}} (<a href="{{folder.path}}">Open</a>)</ td>

to be able to directly open a sync folder from the gui?

If you put your code in backticks, it will format it as code e.g. like this.

thanks for the hint.

That’ll only work for certain browsers and operating systems and when accessing the GUI from the machine that has the folder, though…

Open with what? Results vary widely upon clicking an URL like that. On Safari on Mac, the directory is opened in Finder. For Windows, Linux and any non-Safari browser on Mac you need to push the URL outside the browser, but while that’s not hard with Windows and Mac exactly how you do that is non-standard with Linux as you can’t just depend on something like xdg-open to be available.

Syncthing-GTK has this feature already, btw.

As does SyncTrayzor (well, it has an ‘Open Folder’ button)

Oh maybe I saw it in SyncTrayzor - maybe Syncthing-GTK doesn’t have it at all :smiley: (SyncTrayzor rocks btw, it’s the best windows wrapper in my opinion thanks for making it)

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for convenience. I see, it doesn’t work that simpleway.

Thanks for pointing me to Syncthing-GTK and SyncTrayzor.

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