UPnP Parse Error?

I’m seeing slow speeds on syncthing at around 700KBs.

Here is what I am seeing in the log that is confusing me:

UPnP parse: Get dial tcp connectex: An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions.

I’ve also noticed my CPU is barely touched during transfer, staying under 5% usage. Is there something I am missing that I should configure to enhance my speeds?


Check if you are connected via a relay (there are plenty of posts on the forum talking about that and transfer speeds in general that you can refer to).

I went into options and disabled relay and it is still posting the error. I did do a fair amount of searching prior to posting but could not find anyone explicitly with my error message. I tried a few attempts to rectify but have not been successful, can you suggest any particular thread I may have missed with some things to try?

The error doesn’t mean much, it’s just saying it cannot connect to your router, potentially due to firewalls.

The transfer rate speed is most likely not related to this unless you are connected via a relay.

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