Upload status API events?

I’m experimenting with the REST API, and I managed to successfully subscribe to notifications about the sync local status, specifically when the local machine is syncing files from the network.

However, I can’t find events that notify about remote machines downloading files from the local machine. This is useful not only for reassurance that locally modified files are being synced remotely, but also to know when it’s not a good time to turn off / sleep / disconnect the local machine. The UI does show that remote machines are being synced but doesn’t show whether they’re pulling stuff from the local one or just syncing between each other.

Any ideas? Thanks!

There is no such thing as remote machines downloading from local machine. Syncthing might not even talk to it to get the file as it might get the file or parts of it from other devices.

There is device completion rest endpoint which calculates completion based on remote index state. That is what the UI uses.