Upload Speed question ( Default settings)

(Jean-Francois Bourdeau) #1

after testing syncthing on my local network (wow)

I am now testing with a work colleague “through the internet”

I am receiving from him at a Download Rate of 9.47 Mbps (589 MiB)

He’s upload speed is supposed to be able to PUSH at 200 Mbps at least

What are we missing ? TKS !


(Jean-Francois Bourdeau) #2

As for me, I should be able to upload at at least 2 times that number and I am also stucked at around 10Mbps too for upload to another device

JF i7 computer, 16 gig, SSD drive ( my computer) OS Linux Ubuntu on my local network I upload from my same computer in WiFi at around 83.3 Mbps

(Audrius Butkevicius) #3

There are some answers in the faq explaining different means of connecting.

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