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I just want new photos from my phone copied to my computer; not deleting them from phone when deleting them on PC, neither deleting them from computer when I delete them from phone. I have configured my phone folder as “send only” and my computer folder as “receive only”; but when I delete photos from my phone, they are also deleted on my computer. Is there a way to get what I want?


I wouldn’t normally recommend this, but I cannot see any other way. If anyone knows a less hacky and not overly complex method to achieve the same result, please correct me.

You need to enable an advanced setting called ignoreDelete. In your case, it needs to be enabled on both sides. The folders themselves can be set to the default Send & Receive. Please read the documentation under https://docs.syncthing.net/advanced/folder-ignoredelete.html thoroughly before doing so.

Please also be aware that Syncthing isn’t really designed for such a purpose and the two folders will remain permanently out of sync unless you disable the setting (which will then cause the previously ignored deletions to sync).

In general, you are using the wrong software.

Purpose of syncthing is to make A and B look the same, which is clearly not what you want, so I suggest looking elsewhere.

Also, I would refrain even suggesting that as an option, as clearly the experience with that option is quite poor.

Yeah, but Syncthing offers much more than simple synchronisation. Is there any other software that can copy files between multiple devices while also being able to automatically establish a connection and reconnect even if the devices are used in completely different networks (or even on the move, i.e. using mobile networks)? I personally haven’t seen anything like it, so it’s no surprise people want to use Syncthing for various different purposes (or in other words, adapt the software to their needs).

I wouldn’t have suggested the setting if it had been the typical one-way synchronisation case, where files deleted on one side should remain on the other, but here, where the files need to stay on both sides, I can’t think of anything else (other than not using Syncthing at all). Perhaps one could write some scripts to move the files to different folders or add ignore patterns automatically, but we’re talking about a phone, where running scheduled scripts and such isn’t exactly trivial.

Alternatively, you could use Versioning to keep the deleted files on both devices, but then everything will be split into two different folders, i.e. the original one and .stversions.

I’m inclined to agree with @AudriusButkevicius here, it’s not really what Syncthing is designed for. I have a similar use-case - I take pictures on my phone, but the phone has far smaller storage capacity than my computer. So I sync my phone photos to the laptop, and periodically move photos out of the laptop’s sync folder into another one (which isn’t synced to the phone). Syncthing sees those as ‘deleted’, and they get removed from my phone. You could easily set up a very simple script on your computer to do this (happy to help if that’s not your thing).


I am already using syncthing for my password database (keepass file), and some other personal files. I was trying to use syncthing for sending my photos to my computer as soon as I switch it on, and avoid having to install another app.

Now I realize my use case is off-topic; but if somebody know any app/way to achieve this, I will appreciate it.


hi, Just want too say that I’m als using the “ignore delete” setting after playing a bit with those settings a while ago. I wonder why it always says not synced or changed…but practicall it works since 1 and a half year I think. I have the same situation that I just want to sync new files on the android device to the pc and don’t delete anything. That totally makes sense for me to makes sure all pictures will be saved somewhere. I would applaud for an integrated setting that provides just this so you don’t have to fiddle around with internal special settings. I also agree that there is no other software that offers such a versatility and comfort in connectivity and speed. I still love it :wink: Thanks, Mike

I was having problems on android using folders with password. Did you set ignore delted on both computer and phone?

@enboig Have you considered setting your computer up to automatically move the files to a new folder after you sync your phone?

I did, but I wanted to keep some photos on phone to show them.

Hi! I’m interested to know how to do this. It would be great if you can provide the guidance pls. Thank you

My way of doing roughly the same is as follows: On the phone, configure as you describe, which is the default for the pictures directory.

On the other side (in my case, a qnap nas) I changed the version-history to use Simple File History. WIth that, if you delete a picture on the phone, it will be moved outside the visible pictures share. However, it is moved to the backup share.

Be noted, the share on the qnap is not marked as ‘receive only’. That is because it is synced with a desktop at which I process the pictures. This desktop also has version history set to simple file history.

I used the Web UI on desktop and android to access advanced options on both sides to configure deletion ignore

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