upgrading Synology NAS from DS115j to DS220+

I have two folders set up for syncing on the old DS115j. One i plan to keep on this small NAS, and one i need to move. Each folder has a different group of remote devices. If i try to copy the config from this to the new machine, i assume the remotes would think these are the same machines, vs two machines, and cause trouble if both are still used. Due to this, am i better off to unlink and remove the folder the old NAS cant handle, and have the new NAS start fresh from scratch?

FYI: the folder that needs to be moved was overloading the tiny RAM and CPU of the old NAS due to 300,000 files. (it never exceeded 35% synced, despite having the folder copied to it from the start)

It’s always best to start from scratch.

The folder that i hope to keep using on the old NAS is shared with remote PC’s that i don’t have ready access to.

Getting them added to a new divice would be difficult at best.

If I do need to move the entire settup to the new device so that the sharing is already linked, how do i do that?

That’s the usecase of the introducer flag :wink:


wouldn’t i need to get to all remote devices to set a device as a introducer?

I don’t think that you can avoid making changes to those remote devices. But if you want to avoid this in the future, you should promote your device(s) to introducers.

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