upgrading - permission denied on debian server

Hi, I have debian server, I followed this tutorial to install syncthing on it:

In short, I created user “syncthing” and extracted syncthing binary into /usr/bin and then created init.d script to run it as a service

Now when I run syncthing in browser, it sayes that there is newever versio avaiable, but when I click the “upgrade to xxx” it says: upgrading: open /usr/local/bin/syncthing649270488: permission denied

Please help, what should I do? Thanks a lot.

You should add syncthing user to the group which owns that directory, or put it in some place where it can own the directory, as it now cannot write to it (which means it cannot update).

Hi, I have the same problem. Manually I installed syncthing in /opt/syncthing but when I start an automatic update synthing always gets installed in /usr/local/bin . Then I get the “permission denied” error. How can I syncthing that it automatically gets installed into the directory of my choise?

It gets installed in the same directory its in. Your whereis syncthing should tell you that it’s not in /opt/

The problem here is that I am too much newbie in linux, I admit it, but I dont know how to do it. I just followed the instructions in the tutorial to install syncthing… However I managed to upgrade syncthing from commandline by “sudo syncthing -upgrade”