Upgrading from v0.13.10, (Windows 10) to v0.14.4 failed

(adgang nægtet in english: access denied)

Can somebody please help? Thanks

shut it down and run syncthing -update from the command line, the directory or the file is probably read only or owned by a different user.

Looks like you’ve put syncthing in Program Files. Applications running as your user don’t have permission to write to Program Files, which makes it a bad choice for syncthing, which needs needs to write to Program Files in order to upgrade itself.

You can either fiddle with the permissions on the syncthing folder you created to allow your user to write to that folder (and modify the syncthing.exe), or put it somewhere else (AppData\Local is one option, or a folder directly on your user folder, or even C:, should work as well).

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Okay I can see what you mean - Its moved :wink:

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