Upgrading external drive


I use Syncthing to sync a folder between two external SSDs that are connected to two different computers on my home network. The source SSD is 1 TB, and the remote SSD is 2 TB. Alas, I am running out of space on the 1 TB source SSD, and will likely need to upgrade in the near future. Is there a way for me to upgrade the 1 TB SSD without the need to resync the source and remote SSD? If I just copy over the full contents of the 1 TB SSD to a new drive, will Syncthing continue to recognize the folder to sync as if I hadn’t changed the 1 TB SSD?

Thank you for any assistance you can provide, and, most importantly, thank you for this fantastic program!

What kind of paths are your Syncthing folders configured with? As long as the path stays the same, Syncthing doesn’t care which device the folder is physically located on.

Thanks for the response! Nothing fancy about the path - just the drive letter for the external SSD.

I assume I’d need to copy the .stfolder to the new device as well though?

Yes, just shut Syncthing down first, then move all the folders as they are (including all Syncthing internal folders and files), then restart Syncthing. As long as the drive path and all the folder paths stay the same, it should continue working as if nothing has happened.

If you want to be extra cautious, you may pause all the folders in Syncthing before performing the whole operation (and possibly temporarily change their type to “Receive Only”), and then try to unpause them one by one.

Pleased to report that this all worked out perfectly. Thank you very much for your assistance.


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