Upgradeing from v0.12.x to v0.14.x


I searched FAQ’s butdid not see an answer

I have 3 systems syncing 45GB (two windows 8 and a wdmycloud)

They are currently on v0.12.14 and all in sync and have been since installation my questions are:-

  1. can I upgrade from v0.12.14 to v0.14.9 in one step or do I have to go through V0.13.?
  2. when I upgrade do I disconect them and upgrade one at a time then reconnect them? is there a reccomended proceedure?



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It’s probably easier to get them fully in sync, and just rebuild from scratch, with new IDs, etc, etc.

Hm? It should upgrade just fine, but being in sync when doing it is preferable as it will do a full rescan.


Thank you for the responses, I decided to go for an upgrade and took the following steps.

  1. Ensured all systems in sync with each other
  2. Isolated all three systems
  3. Upgraded each system and allowed the scan to complete
  4. Connected two systems and allowed to report fully synced and then connected the final system.

I did get a couple of conflicting files but these were easily resolved.


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