Upgraded to 0.13.2, now nodes aren't connecting

I just upgraded to 0.13.2 for my syncthing running in CentOS 7. I have another syncthing node running in another CentOS 7 instance at my parents’ place. That is not yet upgraded but the 2 nodes are not connecting anymore. I also noticed my phone disconnected so I tried to readd it again manually and the prompt to add the device came up as “Device “{%name%}” ({%device%} at {%address%}) wants to connect. Add new device?”

The configurations are very standard, GUI running on port 8384 and syncthing listening on 22000 tcp with the port open on firewall. It seems like the uPnP setting is gone but I had that unticked before. Everything else is default.

I am also unable to share folder on my phone (Android) to the server. The choice to share to it does not get saved and I am never prompted to accept the share on the server node.

As the update notifier/warning and release note clearly state 0.13.x is not protocol compatible with earlier versions. Update the instance at your parents place to 0.13.x as well, and your phone if not done…

Edit: I assume you updated from 0.12.x. Ignore if you updated from 0.13.0/1.

Ok, I’ll try that for the other node, but phone had been upgraded to the latest 0.13.0 already. It is connected, although the connect prompt did not sub into the variables correctly as I said in my post. However, I am still unable to share the folder. It will not save the toggle to share.

Yes it was update from 0.12.x. It seems like it’s connected between the 2 nodes now. Android client still not working however.

The toggle problem in the Android App is already fixed and will come in the next version. In the meantime, just use the WebUI.

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