Upgraded from 0.12.24 to 0.13.2 ~ all settings are gone...

Hi All,

I have tow machines that I keep in sync with Syncthing. They are both FreeNAS boxes, one that is in my home, another in my parents’ home a few hundred miles away. I VPN’d into their network to check in on things, and I saw the prompt to upgrade to 0.13.2. I read the release notes, saw that it was version incompatible with 0.12, so I upgraded both at the same time.

Once both jails on each device finished rebooting, the main syncthing UI does appear when I go to the web address, but it says “unknown device” and none of the folders are there. This is the same for both devices. Any help would be much appreciated. THANKS!

That’s a known issue: the UI doesn’t load properly while the database is being converted to the new format. All of your data and settings are still safe. Wait until the conversion is complete, and reload the UI.

Thanks, I dozed off for an hour nap after writing that message. I just logged back in. We’re alive!

@hungarianhc what browser do you use?

I don’t think it’s browser specific, the GUI just locks up while its coverting.

I use Safari as my default, but I gave this a test in Firefox as well, just in case it was a browser thing. Same lockup in both, as Audrius mentioned. Some time after my post and before I woke up, things went back to normal.

Clearing the cache solves it though (at least, in some cases). I have my doubts as to whether it’s actually the database migrating, or is some screwup around caching static assets, hence the question.

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