upgrade syncthing noupgrade on Netgear NAS

When I set up Syncthing on my Netgear NAS it has autoupgrade disabled.

This was when I was setting it up:

It is running V1.15.1 Linux 32-bit ARM 2021-04-06 (noupgrade)

Is autoupgrade an option? (I’m aware it is a unique build and may be a delayed release)

Will i need to manually upgrade every time for this device?

At what point is it a problem by not being current? (I realize this may not be a simple version number or 1 year type thing, and likely will depend on if new coding is compatable with old)

There is no autoupgrade if it has been disabled at compile time.

We recommend that you always use the latest version.

There is no intentions to break compatability between old 1.x versions and new ones, but it sometimes happens due to oversights.

If i have to push an instal manually, is there one compiled for auto-update that i can instal?

Releases from github autoupdate.

I’m trying to prevent using outdated info, and not sure which one i need…

Im guessing this one: syncthing-linux-arm-v1.18.0.tar.gz

Once i get the correct one, how do i get the current install upgraded, hopefully keeping all the current configurations intact?

I can’t really tell you how to do that. We don’t make the NAS packages, so I have no idea where it puts the files you’d need to copy.

If you can figure that out, you’d need to copy the config and the certificate files to maintain the config and the identity.

Am i better off just leaving this version in place as long as it is functioning correctly?

Not really, running the latest version is always the advice.

Probably best to setup the device from scratch with a release from github.

OK, the instructions i found last time is what caused me to have a noupgrade version, and i can’t seem to find them instructions.

If i remember, i had to ssh into it and use shell commands for it to install…

but as to details, i cant find them.

Also, can someone confirm wuich build i need? I know it is linux and ARM cpu, but i don’t know which linux it is running.

Reading through your older thread, your binary seems to be:

syncthing v1.15.1 “Fermium Flea” (go1.16.3 linux-arm) deb@build.syncthing.net 2021-04-06 08:42:29 UTC [noupgrade]

Which is the binary from https://apt.syncthing.net/

It’s quite possible a simple

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade syncthing (via some shell, eg SSH) will work for you.

This does however rely on you to run those commands periodically to pick up the updates.

is there a way to have it run that command every system boot?

This doesn’t look like a syncthing question, also, I am not sure if updating all packages on the operating system on every reboot is wise.

I edited the command to only update syncthing, to avoid potentially breaking other packages on the NAS.

Yes, many. Your NAS (web) UI might have an option for this (scheduled tasks or something).

It’s also possible via commandline - e.g via crontab, systemd task/service or whatever.

I don’t see any option or setting in the Netgear NAS Web gui. I’ve seen NAS with less in the GUI, but not by much.

How do i go about setting it as a boot task manually?

I think this question is best asked on the Netgear forums.

before i ask them, i wanted to clarify:

it is the previously mentioned sudo apt-get…?

I am not sure what your question is.

OK, I got it to do a syncthing manual update to v1.18.0

apt-get update && apt-get upgrade syncthing

(Netgear NAS did not like sudo command)

At this time I have not tried to get that command to run at startup, I may just have to periodically do it manually when required.

Thanks for your help.

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