Upgrade, Download Rate Greatly Reduced

This morning I upgraded my Ubuntu server to Syncthing 0.14.29 via apt-get.

My basic Use Case is that files come into the Ubuntu server from an outside source, and are then downloaded to several different devices. The devices modify the file and then eventually delete it all of which is (of course) sync’ed back to the Ubuntu server.

Yesterday I had upload/download rates between Ubuntu and the devices of ~5MiB/s across the LAN. Post-upgrade they’re at about ~50KiB/s, and all connections to the Ubuntu Server are lost and then re-connect from time to time.

I see nothing unusual in the Syncthing log, just clients connecting & disconnecting.

In the GUI (on both ends) I see LAN addresses being used (192.168.1.x). Some of the client versions are ahead of the Ubunutu Server, but that’s not unusual.

I’m stumped, and can’t figure out why my connection rates have dropped. Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot most appreciated!

As it connects it prints which connection type it’s using (it’s also visible in the web ui).

Thanks. I’ve verified that local LAN IPs are being used, tho I am sometimes seeing the WAN address used after a drop/reconnect.

Transfer is super slow across both connections.

I suggest you double check an older version solves the issue, as nothing meaningful changed in the recent release to have this effect.

Also WAN Ips might be relays, so make sure you verify the connection type.

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Well, no idea what the real issue was, but rebooting Ubuntu seems to have fixed it.

Thanks for the help!

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