Updating to v.11 either by Web GUI or terminal

As this is not an automatic upgrade I’ve been waiting for upgrade button to appear in Web GUI but to no avail. I’m supporting these installs remotely and would like to run “syncthing -upgrade” but not sure if I need to download v.11 first then run it in same dir that current syncthing lives or just shut down the process and then run it. Any help you could give would be appreciated.

It’s a known bug to be fixed in the next 0.10 release.

Should I just wait then? Any ETA on next 0.10 release?

Not sure, but I think soon.

Thanks. I’ll wait until next week.

Just stopping syncthing, running it with -upgrade from anywhere and starting it again should work fine.

But there is a v0.10.31 coming to address this. I intend to release it immediately after v0.11.1 (for reasons having to do with how v0.10 finds upgrades), so probably next week.