Update to v0.12 -> Configuration of Shared Folders and Devices Gone

I just noticed that in the syncthing Web UI all devices and shared folders are gone. Local State (Total) shows “0 items, ~0 B” and the only folder displayed is “Default” and it’s state is “Unshared”. I think it might be related to the update to version 0.12.

The previously configured devices are still running v0.11 and I’m scared of loosing all the configuration there as well when updating to v0.12.

Is that to be expected?

It’s really annoying because I spend a lot of time setting up shared folders between all my devices. Can I recover the configuration somehow?

No, it’s not expected, and I’m suspicious about this being just due to the upgrade. Some fields in the config are updated though, and a copy is made to config.xml.v11 prior to that. So look in the config directory and there should be a backup.

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So I suggest you refresh the page first. Secondly, the old config is saved in syncthigs home directory under the name of config.xml.v11

v.11 and v.12 are not compatible… you’ll need to update all devices to v.12…

That doesn’t affect the config on a given device though.

… means: the fileinformations will be “conserved”? :relaxed:

Yes. It’s only the protocols which are not compatible.

Ah great! Copying config.xml.v11 to config.xml did the trick, everything is back to normal :smile:

Thank you very much guys!

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