update problem (linux)

I have several Debian Linux boxes running Syncthing Stable. we just got a Syncthing update. some, not all, updated and continued to run as they always have. 2 or 3 did not. Syncthing appeared to run (active processes) but were not connecting and the web GUI would not load. My solution was to use Synaptic to do a “complete removal” then a reinstall (in a terminal) using the instructions on the Syncthing Download page. No ideas, just a FYI thanks, Peter

Maybe https://forum.syncthing.net/t/syncthing-v1-15-0-security-release-v1-15-1/16621/2?

If you happen to have been using the --config flag, then upgrading to v1.15.0 would make it fail to start (and thus also fail to upgrade to the fixed v1.15.1). Although, you are saying that the processes were still running, which should not be the case with this issue.

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