Update from synctrayzor 1.1.20 fails

There was a semi-busted version of either syncthing or synctrayzor a few weeks ago. When shutting down workstations with synctrayzor installed, there was an error message. As far as I can tell the current release that I have on my small set of machines (synctrayzor 1.1.21, syncthing v0.14.45) do not have this issue.

However one vm has not been able to pick up the new version and move on from 1.1.20. For a week at least it would pop up a notice saying that an update was available, I’d say OK, and they nothing. That vm remains on 1.1.20. Not it’s quiet - I don’t see the update notices any more, though I don’t recall telling it to hide the notices or anything like that.

Should I uninstall synctrayzor on that vm and then install 1.1.21? If I do that are the settings wiped out? Is there a way to backup and restore the settings?

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to these two really excellent projects.

Strange. Mind grabbing the logs (File -> Settings -> Logging -> Show SyncTrayzor log file) and putting them in a new issue on github?

You can install the new version straight over the top of the old one: no need to uninstall the old one first. You won’t lose any settings.

Hi heroic Antony - I’d like to do that but I have a bit of concern that some info that is not supposed to be public might show in the logs? Some companies I work for, the file names, that kind of thing.

Thanks for that info about updating. And, is there a way to export all settings, so that if one needed to restore from scratch it would be simpler?

Fair enough. Feel free to redact them, or email them to me (my email is on my github profile), or I can tell you exactly what I’m looking for and you can just send the relevant bits. But do grab a copy of the logs before upgrading, as they aren’t kept around for long.

There’s are a couple of folders you can back up if you want. They’re in the README on github (in other contexts) or I can post them tomorrow when I’m at a proper computer.

Thanks Antony I will send you an email tomorrow, pre fresh install.

It looks like you clicked “Don’t remind me again” on one of the update notification dialogs, as it think that 1.1.21 was an ignored version.

Unfortunately the log doesn’t contain what happened when “it would pop up a notice saying that an update was available, I’d say OK, and they nothing”. That sounds very strange.

However, at the end of the log there’s a crash, which corresponds to the dialog you put in your email. What did you do to prompt that crash? It looks like something which is supposed to launch Explorer to show a file or folder?

The paths to backup are:

  • C:\Users\<You>\AppData\Roaming\SyncTrayzor (for SyncTrayzor’s config, although there isn’t much of that)
  • C:\Users\<You>\AppData\Local\Syncthing (for Syncthing’s config and database, which you will want to keep)

OK…the crash was from clicking “Show SyncTrayzor log file” which was the last step of your instructions.

I’ll just reinstall…lucky it’s just me. Thanks for all of your work on synctrayzor.

Right, can you just check whether there’s a file called ProcessRunner.exe in the SyncTrayzor folder in Program Files? The error made it look like there wasn’t.

Interesting…that machine has ProcessRunner.exe.old ProcessRunner.pdb but not ProcessRunner.exe

Maybe a sign that the update failed midway, and could never complete after that, no matter how many times it detected an update was available? That’s exactly how it behaved.

I suspect antivirus. An update failing midway would have shown the installer window for a while, which you would probably have noticed? Also I don’t think the installer creates .old files, although I’d have to check.

I don’t recall anything like a stalled installer window on this vm. All of the pcs I here have the same anti virus and none of them had this issue, except this one, but that doesn’t mean anti virus didn’t mess it up.

This is probably the end of the road as far as trying to determine the cause of the failed update? If so I’ll perform the reinstall.

So, the installer does rename ProcessRunner.exe to ProcessRunner.exe.old, then extracts the new ProcessRunner.exe from the installer. If the installer was interrupted, I could imagine that leaving things in a state where the new ProcessRunner.exe was never extracted, and so subsequent attempts to install failed because ProcessRunner.exe was missing.

I’ve opened an issue to use ProcessRunner.exe.old if the new ProcessRunner.exe is never extracted: https://github.com/canton7/SyncTrayzor/issues/445

I think that’s as much as we can figure out here: feel free to reinstall. Thanks for your help!

Right…sounds like a good alternate path if the regular exe is not found.

Tiny thing I can contribute is a-ok, but your work on this is incredibly appreciated.

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