Upcoming multiple connections?

Hi, this question is for accurate translation:

When set to more than one on both devices, Syncthing will attempt to establish multiple concurrent connections. If the values differ, the highest will be used. Set to zero to let Syncthing decide.

Let’s say we set our device to “3”. Does the help text really means only one connection will be established if we set the peer to “0” or “1”?

Thank you

I asked about this too, on GitHub.

If it’s 0 or 1 on either side, then it’s always just 1 connection (just as it used to be). If you want more connections, then you need to set this to 2 or higher on both devices.

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The default might change in the future. While 0 will translate to 1 in the upcoming release, this behaviour might change later on.

Thanks Tomasz, this sentence makes definitive sense for me :slight_smile: . I feel like I’m often puzzled when several assertions are aligned without operator between, leaving this implicit logic to win in my mind: “first said is the stronger”.