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Hello, My cloud is composed of 4 computers : 1 MACOS and 3 PCs (1 windows10 and 2 windows 7) I use Syncthing for 2 years without any problem until yesterday While looking to syncthing interface I saw a very important synchronisation on the 4 compouters In fact more than 9000 files had been deled on friday 29 14h34 : reported on a csv file log from friday 29 14h44 I guess on my computer but it is not explicit in the log file I cannot understand how it could be possible : some directoriez were empty, some were partially empty, some were unscathed. The mode trash was activated so I could restore the missing files Could you help me on this mysterious erasure ? Thank you

Syncthing just follows what it finds on the filesystem, so the files must have been deleted on one of your devices. There is usually a last modified by tag on the files which could tell you which device deleted them, but not why, as it’s an external processes to syncthing that did it, which we have no insight of.

Thank you for your response

What is the role of each file .ds_store ?

I don’t find anything in the documentation

I suspect that some of them at the top of the tree have memorised the erasing of files

Can they prevent a synchronisation on distant computers for directories which had all the files deleted inside ? (Files restored since the erasing of course)

.ds_store is a file created by the operating system, not us.

I am not sure I understand the remainder of the question.

Syncthing has receive only and send only folder types that might be useful for you, check the docs.

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