Untrusted folders

I’m having a little difficulty figuring this out!

I have an Android phone that syncs to a Pi. I select the Pi in devices as an untrusted device and add a password.

This then syncs to the Pi and I can see all the encrypted folders. So far so good.

How do I then get this to sync to a trusted Windows machine? I’ve tried sharing the folder from the Pi to the Windows machine, but anything I do seems to always just sync all the encrypted folders and not actually unencrypt the files back to the original form.

You need to do the same as you do with the PI on the phone. Add it as untrusted, use the same password as you used on android.

So I’ve created the folder on my phone and set the Pi as untrusted and inputted the password on my phone when sharing the folder.

This appears on the Pi, I add it and it’s auto set as “Receive Encrypted”.

Do I then share this “Receive Encrypted” entry on the Pi to the PC? Where do I put the password so the files get unencrypted?

When I’ve tried this, I just receive the encrypted folders.

You set the same password on the PC, in the folder edit dialog when sharing with the Pi.
It should be evident, that you need to enter the same password on the PC somewhere - if you could get the un-encrypted data without doing so, something would be very bad (totally insecure).

I get that. But how do I share from the PC to the Pi when the folder doesn’t exist yet on the PC?

Do I create a blank folder and put the password in there and share that to the same place on the Pi?

What I’m looking to do is have 3 devices:

Android Pi Windows PC

All share a folder.

The Android and PC can be trusted, but for both the Pi is untrusted.

I can do part of it - Android to Pi untrusted.

I can’t seem to then get the Pi to share the encrypted on disk data with the PC and the PC unencrypt it.

Once that is done, I can then connect the PC and Android together too.

I’m assuming that on each device, they would all use the same Folder ID too.

You can share the folder from the Pi (where it already exists) to the PC, and when adding it there (accepting the invitation), in the share tab enter the password.

And if you do it manually on the PC, it’s also the same process as always: Add the folder with the same ID as on all the other devices and you are set.

I have no idea what I was doing yesterday! And thanks for this great new feature. Maybe one thing - could “Receive Encrypted” be misinterpreted? It might come across as that folder can ONLY receive information, but maybe that was just me.

Anyway, I got this to work. Android to Pi - inputted the password to say it was untrusted. Probably no need to, but then waited for it to sync. Then shared the folder on the Pi to the Windows PC. Accepted the folder on the PC, inputted the password in the “Sharing” tab. Synced and the files were correct. I then shared the folder on the Android to the PC (trusted) to create a triangle of devices and it seems to be working well.

I thought I was doing this yesterday but obviously I wasn’t!


A receive-encrypted folder, just like a receive-only folder, can only receive changes from remotes. It cannot change files locally and propagate those. Of course it can still propagate changes that it received from remotes, otherwise it wouldn’t be a synchronizing at all.

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