Untrusted (Encrypted) Devices Status?

Thank you for providing this “new” option!

After some time having a syncthing setup that just was working, I am planning to migrate to a new os and respectively to a new syncthing setup. Therefore considering the encryption as an additional layer of security. But what is the current status of the implementation (despite that the docs clearly says that its in the beta phase)? Any ETA planned? Should I start with it enabled and backed up with additional data backups? Thanks!

Sounds like a safe plan.

Hmm… I am not sure I follow. Or you might have misunderstood. “Untrusted remote” is NOT an “additional layer of security”. It is a way to have your files synced to another computer which you trust enough to keep your files, but you don’t trust it with your plain text files.

The concept that you use is here key. The threat models are for every case different and in this case it adds confidentiality of the data in transit. As it is for the transport already its for the storage now.

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