untrusted device dir is empty

hey, I’m testing the “Untrusted Device” feature, set a PWD for the untrusted device and created the “receive encrypted” folder. It seemed to have worked getting this … and it even syncs files, at least visually 2023-12-26 12.15.54 a9f6d3e379f2

However if I check this respective folder - on the untrusted device - it’s empty contrary to what ST’s GUI displays. Am I missing something here?

Please be more specific about what kind of device and operating system this is, and also what you’re using to view the folders on the disk. The Syncthing GUI is right, but the files may either be hidden or inaccessible (e.g. due to permissions, etc.) to the file manager you’re using to browser the folder.

sorry, this sync is set up between a Pop!_OS 22.04 machine and an ‘untrusted folder’ on RPI 400 w/ 20231012~bullseye (RPI OS). ST version is 1.27.1. I access the device via SSH and checked the contents of the folder via ls -A. I do sync other directories between these devices on trusted terms. As said I wanted to test the feature, Does that help?

It all sounds pretty much right to me. Have you double checked you’re looking at the correct path?


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