Unreliable charging detection

Getting some really inconsistent AC charging detection in the latest Syncthing Android app, filled an issue https://github.com/syncthing/syncthing-android/issues/1595

Any others with such problem? It can be tested by setting Run condition to AC only and plugging charger in/out repeatedly.

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I see a recent post with a similar problem, unresolved Galaxy S10 run condition problems

Anyway, posted my investigation details in a github bugreport.

A month has passed, no feedback either here or in bugreport.

It’s a glaring and simple to fix issue, affecting every user of android app.

Syncthing-android is basically in “do-your-bugfixes-yourself”-mode. I am taking care of keeping it up-to-date with Syncthing releases and trying to keep it working with updated Google play requirements. Maybe once google decides to stop being annoying (or at least pauses for a good while), I will have some motivation to squash some bugs. However I’d much rather help with and review contributions of others. Sounds like you have done the hard work of analysing the problem already - would be cool to get a PR as well :wink:


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