Unraid Synching 100+ clients crashing

Greetings everyone. So… I have an Unraid Server with: AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 3975WX 32-Cores CPU. 128 GB RAM. and all SSD storge (SATA SSD). 10Gbps NIC. my VMs and my other Dockers are using around 96% of my RAM when I run Syncthing it only jumps by 1% so it becomes 97%. The server is working in a Lan gaming Cafe I’m using it to sync game Updates to all local SSDs in all the 100+ computers in the cafe. My problem is when all the clients connect at the same time and try to pull data Syncthing crash then I have to restart the container or sometime if I can access the GUI I restart Syncthing server from GUI, only to crash again few minutes later. from my trail and error the maximum clients it can handle at one time is around 15 or 16. is there a away to optimize the server to handle all of the 100+ clients at the same time without crashing? (even if it means slower transfer speeds as I can leave it running all the time and eventually it will do the job).

A crash usually means there are some errors that lead to the crash, things in the logs etc.

So far you have provided nothing that could help us help you.

Given you are running at very high memory utilisation, I wouldn’t be surprised that when 100 clients connect, you actually hit 100% and “crash” because you don’t have enough memory.

Hello Thanks your replay really apricate it. I’m suspecting RAM too, is there away to limit or increase RAM usage in Syncthing or should I do it from Docker?

By the way here is my recent log:

log.txt (40.7 KB)

You can usually see OOM kills in the kernel log suggesting which process was killed.

There is no good way of limiting how much ram Syncthing uses, it uses based on number of devices, outstanding requests etc.

That said there are however lots of knobs you can tune that affect ram usage, and you will need to do a lot of such tuning when you have hundred+ connected devices. Particularly buffer and request limits to avoid thundering herds.

is there a written guide somewhere that would help me start understanding what should I tune?

I don’t there is one. I’d suggest reading the Docs from A to Z, and then searching the forum if you need more information, because this question of scaling Syncthing to large device clusters has been discussed at least a few times here.

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