Unknown Node ID; ignoring

I just installed the latest release…one on a centos server, and one on my mac laptop.

I have the default port open on my linux server. This server will be my main storage hub that is always on.

I have added both node ids to each end, but on the linux side i see this: [JNJIJ] 12:04:18 INFO: Connection from with unknown node ID ZSKSDXJ-XBPMCOM-WMKSSYZ-JHH2GNN-2FS3X4V-XNRCJWF-MBNPXJH-RSMUBAU; ignoring

and on the mac side i see this: [ZSKSD] 12:04:18 INFO: TLS handshake: read tcp connection reset by peer

Any idea what is going on here?

It looks like the node with ID ZSKSDXJ… is not added on the machine with ID JNJIJ…?