"Unknown listen address scheme:"

I am trying to add a third Ubuntu 15.10 machine to a local area network, where two exisiting machines run syncthing (Ubuntu 15.10 and Ubuntu 15.04 and they communicate flawlessly with each other). During syncthing start on the third amchine I get the conspicuous message “[…] INFO: Unknown listen address scheme:” This message appears independently of the port number that I choose for syncthing to listen. When I check what services are listening with netstat, the udp 21027 port and tcp web port 8384 show up, but nowhere do I see the actual syncthing port 22000 (as I do on the other machines). No firewalls are running and other communication between the machines works without problems (e.g. ssh and ping). I have reinstalled syncthing with clean config files, but the problem persists. Any idea what could be going on? Needless to say, the third machine shows always as disconnected.

As of Syncthing v0.12 you need to specify the address including the scheme. The default would be tcp://

I can’t tell, why your fresh installation does not have the tcp:// part.

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