Unix Sockets


On multiuser systems, when syncthing is started up, the GUI is initially available to all users of the system.

I noticed recently that you’ve just implemented unix sockets for the gui interface. But the stcli didn’t accept the socket as an endpoint - perhaps I’m missing something. Are there plans to implement this?

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None whatsoever. stcli is essentially dead (resting? maybe) at the moment, but could be revived with some love.

Are there further plans for other config methods via unix sockets?

Sorry to dig up an old thread.

I was thinking about how I could avoid the need to deal with SSL when using syncthing, especially since I only ever connect to ST over localhost and SSH tunnels. I was thinking “if only ST could talk UNIX sockets”. Well, it turns out it can:

So what does this mean for the gui? AFAIK, web browsers don’t talk UNIX socket, do they?

Also, since stcli was recently overhauled, maybe that works with unix socket now?


Indeed no. But other wrappers and integrations can.

Stcli does speak unix sockets

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Oh! Sweet.


You should mention this more explicitly somewhere! I bet a lot of your users don’t know about this feature!