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I’m new to the syncthing and I’m playing around a bit. Everything is working now except one direction. I’ve two linux boxes, one desktop with 1.7.1 and a server running docker with 1.7.1. Syncing a folder from the server to the desktop is okay, the other way round (Desktop -> Server) I fail all the times. When I create a sync folder on the desktop, I realize on the server an error message like:

Unexpected folder “bin” (…) sent from device …; ensure that the folder exists and that this device is selected under “Share With” in the folder configuration.

I tried different folders, I reinstalled syncthing on the desktop, …

Btw. syncing from my android devices to the server works as well.

Any ideas?

Thanxs & ciao, Lutz

The same folder with the same id needs to be created on both sides, this is what the error is telling you.

Perhaps I was not precise enough.

Whenever I share a folder from the server to the desktop, I am asked on the desktop, whether I accept the share and where to put the folder. The same happens sharing a folder on an Android device to the server: I have to accept on the server. From the desktop to the server - nothing happens. I have no possibility to accept the share.

I understand, the result is the error message I mentioned. So why does the server not ask me to accept the share, while it has already informed (see message) about the requested share?

Ciao, Lutz

Unclear. But you can add the folder manually for the same effect.

Okay, understood. This works perfectly. Thanxs a lot, Lutz

Just another hint: it works, when I set the config to “auto accept” - strange.

You need to manually accept folders on the other sides. Adding the folder on one device A and sharing it with device B is not enough, device B has to accept/add the same folder.

I observed that the “share new folder” GUI popup doesn’t always show upon adding new folders. Restarting one side usually resolves this. Might just be a visual thing, browser issue or whatever.

@Max: this is something, I see as well. Restarting helps always. @AudriusButkevicius: finally I found it. I use a docker image from linuxserver.io. The image is okay, not the description how to start the container. They explicitly open ports. Syncthing recommend for their image, to use network mode host instead. This works.

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