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I have a sync starting for the first time between two locations with almost 2TB of data. I started both sites out with identical data but before I started to resync, users in site A added about 50GB worth of data and changes. I backed up site A one last time and then started an initial scan on both sites without shares. Once the scans were complete I enabled shared but I set site A as a Send Only and site B as a regular folder. So now they are getting sync’d up but the numbers are strange to me and I would like help deciphering. Site A, the send only, says its 1.7TB out of sync and site B says it’s 120GB out of sync. When I look at the Syncing under Remote devices, they have the oposite numbers as the out of sync items. So Site A says syncing 122GiB and Site B says Syncing 1717GiB. When I click on the ‘out of sync’ UI for site A and pick any random file from the list, I can compare it’s attributes between site A and B and they match, same size and dates. Both sites have Ignore Permissions enabled for these shares. What should I actually be looking for to see what is really out of sync and what will transfer? I don’t believe that the send only site is going to send 1.7TB of data on this sync, or will it?


Out of sync means versions are different, which could be data, or metadata (mtimes etc), so no, it doesn’t mean it will transfer.

So if the mtimes and file size of my random sample are identical, what exactly would be out of sync about that sample? Is there somewhere that shows actual data transfer, either planned or having already occurred? Will these numbers even out to zero at some point? I was thinking after the send only is complete that I would then enable send/receive on site A. Is that going to create another round of completely out of sync? What will it take to get them in sync?

As I’ve explained, versions would be different, which means that devices have discovered the files separately and haven’t yet verified they are the same.

If you click on the out of sync text it should open modal dialog showing progress file by file. I suspect in your case you won’t see much and files will just disappear without any progress if the content is genuinely the same.

Once devices are in sync (given other conditions, such as ignore files etc), there should be no out of sync items left on either side.

Switching from send only to send receive should not transfer data.

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