Understanding sync process

Hi as i am new to your software i world like to know.

If i have two local computer on the same network dose the sycnc transfer go across my network and not out the the internet and back.

thanks for the help

Depends if they can connect directly, if the network allows broadcasts to discover each other etc. the

Sometimes you may find that your devices may connect via a relay or across the WAN, but once they discover a local connection they’ll switch automatically.

Hi Adam Piggott

Thanks for you reply

I am seeing a very slow connection between devices on lan

Download Rate 7.63 MiB/s (40.6 GiB)
Upload Rate 11.2 KiB/s (186 MiB)
Local State (Total) 6,272 4,386 ~40.5 GiB
RAM Utilization 185 MiB
CPU Utilization 49%
Listeners 3/3
Discovery 3/5
Uptime 23h 43m
Version v1.2.2, Linux (64 bit)

I suspect it’s a weak CPU given the CPU usage is at 50%? Also, is it one large file or many small files?

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to Audrius

Hi Audrius Butkevicius

Thanks for reply

Is there any way to see if they are using internet connection

instead of across the lan as we on have so much internet allowance each month and dont want to blow the budget on this

The IP addresses they use are listed in the device section.

In the settings for each Device you can set IP addresses and/or host names directly. If you do not include “dynamic” then the devices will only use the details you set. See the “address” section in the device config docs for the formatting.

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