Understanding symlinks in android

Hello all; I am experiencing the following difficulty: I have several computers (linux based) and android mobile devices, and recently I added some symlinks in a common synced folder (symlinks to files within the synced folder).

As soon as I did that, all the mobile devices instantly went out of sync and the symlinks were not copied.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this the expected behavior of syncthing? I.e. it cannot copy symlinks? I know it cannot “follow” symlinks (which I presume, possibly wrongly, means copy the contents of the linked files), but I do not care about that.

If this is the expected behavior, what can I do? Am I just unable to have synced folders if symlinks exist? Or is there any workaround?

Syncthing can and will, but Android or the underlying filesystem may not support or allow it.

I just went to termux in my tablet and successfully created a symlink with a typical ln -s command, so symlinks by themselves seem supported. My syncthing obviously has write access, I can create symlinks in termux (no other special privileges required), so I don’t know why syncthing cannot write symlinks.

By the way, the symlinks are definitely the cause of the bottleneck; I deleted all symlinks from the sync folder as a test and it almost instantly synced.

I will also ask at an android forum to see if they have any feedback.

What does Syncthing say is the cause?

I do not know how to check that; all I get is an out of sync status in the folders region. Clicking on the out of sync icon just opens my file manager, and clicking on the folder name opens the edit panel.

Edit: going to settings -> debug -> open log I just have an empty log reading ----beginning of main

Dear all, if anyone has any further information, please let me know. I asked some Samsung/android people and they said there should not be any issue with symlinks in my devices.

The maintainer mentioned Syncthing being able to tell what the cause is; I have not been able to find any such setting. The only “view log” option in Syncthing is an empty file, as I mentioned above.

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