Understanding Sharing two folders that already exist...

Okay, I think I have my remote connections established. We’ll see what happens.

Now, on my server, I have /folder/important_folder/

On the workstation I have /Users/Shared/important_folder/

On both, there is already content. The goal is for each to have all files all the time with send/receive sync.

On the workstation, I deleted the default folder and created a new folder, pointing it to /Users/Shared/important_folder.

Then, on the server, I did the same thing. When I shared the file FROM the server TO the workstation, it wasn’t until I restarted the workstation’s service that it recognized an incoming share.

After accepting the share, it created a NEW folder instance under folders and began scanning and syncing.

Is it true that both folders don’t need to be configured prior to sharing because sharing will simply create that configuration for you on the receiving machine?

There are “two ways”:

  1. Configure the folder on one device, share it with the other device, then accept on the second device when prompted.

  2. Configure the folders on both devices, making sure the folder ID is the same. Then they sync without an additional prompt.

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Ahh yes. Thank you!

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