Understanding Out of Sync

Is it possible to rework the GUI on how “Out of Sync” items originate. I mean a new GUI to understand exactly why out of sync happened and what has to be done. I’m sure i’m not the only one who doesn’t really understand what is going on under the hood.

For example “Mod. Device” of gpdwin4 says nothing to me (well yeah, it’s the device that “last modified the file”, but doesn’t explain why it’s out of sync). So what has to be done to get this fixed? A button next to it would be great that present some kind of “wizard” to show possibilies how to fix (automatic or manually).

Depends on which out of sync modal you are talking about.

If it’s the one for the remote device, syncthing has no idea what might have gone wrong on the other device, and you need to check that device.

Items which are out of sync locally, usually show up in a failed items dialog if they failed to sync, or out of sync dialog if the folder configuration does not permit the items to sync (i.e., receive only folder, but you have modified files locally etc).


if they are several possibilities, then you don’t think that ‘out of sync’ error message should deserve to be split in different and more explicit messages ?

They are, ones are on your folders representing what is locally out of sync, the others are on remote devices, representing what they are missing.