Undelete files ( Android or Arch or Debian)

By mistake I delete important files in a folder. To be more precise, the " Camera Folder from my Android phone" (while playing on my Desktop)

As this folder is synch on my Laptop,Desktop and Android, the deletion replicated. (The Camera Folder itself)

Versioning is not activated on that folder.

Does any of you know a good tool on Debian or Manjaro or Android to undelete the Camera Folder ? Tks…

JF I know, a daily backup of that folder would have saved my ass on that one…

I once recovered some pictures I somehow managed to delete both on the camera and on disk , before any backup kicked in, using PhotoRec - CGSecurity. Despite its name it can be used with any data, not just photos. (It should go without saying, but still is worth saying: don’t delete pics on the camera/sd card until they are properly backed up.)

And if you didn’t: Shut the disk that contained the data off (unmount, …) and only ever mount it again read-only.

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tks ! I was simply making a shortcut of my Camera folder on my Debian Desktop. I copied (thougt I did) it to gMail online and didn’t wanted that ( the reason why I use syncthing ). So I deleted the Camera Folder from gmail to then realized it was not copied there but " MOVED"… SO deleted my only copy…

My bad LOL

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