Unable to unmount a synced drive

Hi everyone, I’d like to sync an external drive (only a subfolder). Syncthing handles this pretty well as it stops syncing when the drive is missing (or more precisely, the .stfolder). However, when I plug the drive, I can’t unmount it as Syncthing still uses it.

I tried to pause the share, or to disable the file watcher on this share. But I must stop the whole Syncthing service to be able to unmount the drive properly.

Is it the only way or would there be a better way to be able to unmount a synced drive ? P.S. : In this case I’m using Windows 10.

I would expect there to be no open files when the folder is paused, hence it should be unmountable. It would be interesting to know what it is that keeps it locked, when the folder is paused.

There wasn’t any open files of course. While the share was not paused but awaiting the source, I plugged in the device, had to push the “refresh” button and it was back to sync mode (as expected). But without even opening the folder in explorer or other programs, I was unable to unmount it and had to shutdown Syncthing again to be able to unmount it. I suppose the Syncthing service locks the directory then.

It doesn’t, so it would be interesting to know what keeps the device busy. I’m guessing an open files lister of some sort should show it.

I’ve just been using a tool to find out from Microsoft : Process Explorer - Windows Sysinternals | Microsoft Docs

And after searching for my drive, it does show Syncthing services. syncthing-drive-lock

P.S.: “X” for eXternal… just in case. :wink:

My guess would be file watching on the root of the directory?

See if it happens if you disable watching.

As I mentioned before, even when the share is paused or when the file watcher is disabled, the drive remains locked. However, when I disable the file watcher, I have no longer syncthing.exe process watching the drive, only SyncTrayzor.exe remains on the list.

So this issue is caused by SyncTrayzor.

SyncTrayzor has its own file watcher. I believe that it gets enabled automatically if you disable the one built in Syncthing. You may want to manually disable the SyncTrayzor’s watcher also.

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That could have worked ! Unfortunately it didn’t.

I unchecked both Syncthing and SyncTrayzor file watchers on this device, but even after restarting fully SyncTrayzor, it remains watching the drive (seen on Process Explorer as well). syncthing-drive-lock2

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